The writer is a self-proclaimed Mayday frantic who lives on a little claustrophobic island that is 3245 km from Taiwan.

There are no real sonnets about Mayday in this contemplative space… but are not all Mayday songs like poems: 摇滚诗?

Copyright @ 2011 Maysonnets@outlook.com


The writer has moved on to write about Mayday and other interests at whywendywrites.com. Check out her adventures with Mayday Around the World!

8 responses to “About

  • JTay


    Do you know where can I buy just rock it tee shirts in Singapore? I wanna buy sth for my girlfriend who is a mayday fan. She’s going for the Hong Kong concert end of this month. Thank you!


  • jason

    hi… do you know when is mayday gonna perform in taipei xiao ju dan??? wanna suprise my girfriend

  • Jaimee


    I have 2 extra tickets for Mayday light Up the Hope concert on 31/12 @ 9 pm to give away. Prefer to give to those who have not watch Mayday concert before and wish to do so.

    Anyone who is interested may email me at monkey_den@hotmail.com

  • Sylvia


    this is an email from two artists who are currently at Pier 2 art center in Kaohsiung.
    We came across your blog when researching about the song Mayday wrote for the promotion of Kaohsiung city.

    As we have the impression that you know everything about Mayday we´d like to ask you for some help:

    Do you know if this promotion-melody is part of a longer song?
    Where could we find this?
    Or is there a karaoke version on the net?

    With best wishes,
    Sylvia, Stephan

    • maydayist

      Hi! My pleasure to help. The song used in the Kaohsiung promotional video is a remix version of 瘋狂世界 (the original song was in their first studio album). I think this remix version was first used in the promotional video. Subsequently, Mayday sang this remix version in their Nowhere tour. This remix version was included in their Nowhere concert album / 諾亞方舟 世界巡迴演唱會Live (CD 2). Here is the youtube link to the song:

      I am curious about what you are planning to do! Pier 2 art centre is my favorite place in Kaohsiung. Do update me! =)

      • Sylvia


        thanks so much for the reply! And yes, Pier 2 is a great place, we really enjoy staying here.


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