Jonathan Lee’s Concert on 26 and 27 Dec 2014 – 李宗盛 既然青春留不住 還是做個大叔好!演唱會 2014


Well, if you are planning to visit Taiwan for Mayday’s end-of-year Kaohsiung concerts, you may want to consider attending Jonathan Lee’s concert in December. After all, he is the “Godfather” of Chinese popular music. Thanks to him, we have Mayday. I strongly believe that Mayday will perform during his concerts. Maybe that is why Mayday did not schedule any Christmas concerts this year.

李宗盛  既然青春留不住 2014『還是做個大叔好!』演唱會



Venue: Taipei Arena (台北小巨蛋)

Dates: 27 Dec (Sat) and 28 Dec (Sun) 7.30 p.m.

Ticket sales: 18 Oct (Sat) 12 p.m. at Ibon

Ticket prices: NT$4800/NT$4200/NT$3800/NT$3200/NT$2800/NT$2500/NT$1800/NT$1200/NT$800

中信卡友:  中信卡友享NT$4800限定區域95折優惠 (每場限量500張,僅限ibon售票系統網站「中信卡95折區」購買)


So how about a Jonathan Lee + Mayday concert-combo to end 2014 and welcome 2015?

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