Mayday Japan Summer Sonic 2014

OH MY GOD! Mayday is visiting Japan again! The boys will perform at the Summer Sonic Festival this August!


The lineup for Osaka (Mayday is performing on 16 August)


The lineup for Tokyo (Mayday is performing on 17 August)lineup_t

The Summer Sonic is an annual music festival in Japan. It is usually a two-days festival and it is held simultaneously in Tokyo and Osaka. The performers will perform in Tokyo for one day and travel to Osaka (or vice versa). Last year, big acts like Metallica, Linkin Park and Muse performed during the festival. I find this year’s lineup not that fantastic. Looking at the wider range of more famous artists who performed in the previous years, the lineup this year seemed to pale in comparison. While the ‘Queen and Adam Lambert Combo’ sounds super cool, I am not that familiar with the other performers.

Mayday actually performed in the Summer Sonic festival in 2012. Check out the video:

Summer Sonic Tokyo 2014


1 Day Ticket: ¥15,500 (
2 Day Ticket:  ¥28,500 (

August 16 (Sat): Open 9:00am/Start 11:00am
August 17(Sun): Open 9:00am/Start 11:00am

Summer Sonic Osaka 2014


1 Day Ticket: ¥13,000 (
2 Day Ticket: ¥23,500 (

August 16 (Sat): Open 10:00am/Start 11:00am
August 17(Sun): Open 10:00am/Start 11:00am

Tickets can be purchased through many channels like Eplus and Rakuten.

For more ticketing information, visit the ticketing website (in Japanese).

For more general information, visit the English website or Japanese website.

So will you be joining Mayday at this year’s Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo or Osaka or both?


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