Mayday’s 15th Anniversary – 五月天15週年

Well, Mayday celebrated their 15th year anniversary last month. 29th March is their anniversary date. 15 years ago on 29th March, the five boys started their amazing journey.

In their 15th year, they finally travelled all the way to Madison Square Garden and became the first Chinese Rock Band to performed in the legendary venue. The historical moment in Madison Square Garden was quite nicely encapsulated by 完全娛樂.

It was very meaningful for Mayday to conclude their Nowhere Tour on 29th March in Los Angeles. Check out their end-of-tour speech here:

A fan, Sandra Cheng, created a nice montage video to commemorate Mayday’s 15th year anniversary.

The Nowhere Tour, 82 concerts, 50 cities. 2011-2014.

The tour started on 23rd December 2011. It ended in Asia on 15th September 2013. Finally, the tour concluded in America on 29th March 2014. It has been a long tour that spanned over almost 3 long years. To a certain extent, I insanely toured with Mayday. I started the tour in Taipei on 23rd December 2011 and ended with Mayday in Taichung on 15th September 2013. I actually watched 10 Nowhere concerts. Obviously, I spent a large part of my ‘fortune’ on the ‘hedonistic’ tour. But I guess, the experiences and memories which I collected during the tour could not be measured by money. One day, I will definitely look back and wonder what possessed me to do all these crazy things with Mayday.

My Nowhere Tour (2011-2013)
1. 23/12/2011 – Taipei
2. 24/12/2011 – Taipei
3. 25/12/2011 – Taipei
4. 30/12/2012 – Kaohsiung
5. 31/12/2012 – Kaohsiung
6. 10/05/2013 – Hong Kong
7. 14/06/2012 – Singapore
8. 15/06/2012 – Singapore
9. 14/09/2013 – Taichung
10. 15/09/2013 – Taichung


15 years. 8 studio albums. 2 compilation albums. 1 Japanese music album. Looking back, my history with Mayday started in 2001. During those crazy junior college years, ‘人生海海’ introduced me to the world of Mayday. Since then, it has been a ‘point of no return’ journey. Over the course of about 12 years, Mayday has accompanied me through various milestones in my life. Here is my small tribute to Mayday as I review the 15 songs which present Mayday’s massive influence in my life.

1. 溫柔

The classic ‘溫柔’. What more can I say about this song? Countless angsty-scream fests in KTV sessions. Countless memories. One ringtone.


Nowadays, Mayday only sings the ‘還你自由’ version of ‘溫柔’. I really miss the original version. Hopefully Ashin will sing the original version one day.

離開地球表面演唱會 溫柔 還你自由版

DNA 創造演唱會 溫柔 還你自由版

2. 人生海海
Another classic…


3. 憨人
A classic of the classics. Let’s ‘lalalala’ in true Mayday’s spirit…


4. 志明與春嬌
The classic rock ballad that introduced Mayday to the world… Screaming emo lyrics in Taiwanese dialect has never felt this good…


5. 瘋狂世界
A signature ‘Mayday’ rock song in their early days. Ah… Youth, Freedom…


6. 終結孤單
A super energetic rock anthem from the ‘days of being wild’. Check out the boys’ hilarious antics with the baguettes in the music video!


7. 愛情萬歲
A raw ‘sexy sexy sexy’ rock song. It never fails to ‘conjure’ my lustful desires to rip off Ashin’s shirt…


8. 孫悟空
With humorous allusions to ‘Journey to the West’, this powerful rock song exhibits the true ‘rock spirit’ of Mayday.

讓我有希望的活 (請給我快樂苦痛)

9. 倔強
One of Mayday’s most motivational song. Whenever shit hits the fan, this song always motivates me. Screw the world as ‘我的手越骯髒,眼神越是發光’.


10. 知足
This may seem like a simple love ballad but the words ‘知足’ has ‘evolved’ over the years. They constantly remind the fans to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and learn how to be ‘知足’.


11. 如煙
The two words ‘如煙’ only appear at the end of the song. This masterfully written composition contains Ashin’s sharp observations of memory and time – transitoriness of youth and ephemerality of life.


A moving medley of 如煙 and 如果還有明天

12. 倉頡
In my opinion, it is one of the best love ballad written in the history of Chinese popular music. Lyrical. Poetic. Poignant. It is a blasphemy not to give Ashin at least one ‘Best Lyricist’ award in his lifetime as he is definitely one of the most outstanding song composers in the Chinese music industry.


13. 諾亞方舟
This song clinched the ‘Best Song of the Year’ (最佳年度歌曲) in the 23rd Golden Melody Awards Ceremony. The allusion to ‘Noak’s Ark’ captures the essence of life and provides an interesting commentary of the human condition.


14. 有些事現在不做一輩子都不會做了
To me, this is a very inspirational song. It may sound ‘clichéd’ but this song actually played quite a big role in my life.


15. 第二人生
Similar to the uplifting ‘有些事現在不做一輩子都不會做了’, this song urges the fans to pursue their dreams, their ‘第二人生’.


Well, it is extremely difficult to select only 15 songs from Mayday’s wide repertoire of ‘musical goodies’. My selection of 15 songs may change when Mayday reaches their 14th year anniversary…

So how many years have you voyaged with Mayday during their 15 years journey? Perhaps your 15 ‘representative’ Mayday songs will be very different from mine…


4 responses to “Mayday’s 15th Anniversary – 五月天15週年

  • imlittletoxic

    I have recently found your blog, thank you very much. As I cannot speak Chinese, it’s super difficult for me to know more about Mayday except their music. Thanks God that you create this one so that fans like me can get more closer to them.

    I found this is really interesting, your song list is awesome. I love all of them. And I also pick out my 15 songs:

    1. Suddenly missing you so bad (突然好想你): I place this song at top position because it’s the very first song that introduced me to Mayday, yep I was a little bit late for Maydaymaniac. When I first listened to it, I didn’t really know and really cared who Mayday is. This song just incredibly fit my mood at that time, and I did think that this song must have been composed through real experience, if not, the composer couldn’t have written such lyrics. It’s so true, especially the last sentence: “I’m most afraid that in this life, after making up my mind to live without you, I’ll suddenly hear news of you again.”

    2. Like smoke (如烟): I officially became a Mayday fan because of this song. I want to say a lot about this song but I decide not to do so as I think Ashin has said everything needing said. We just listen to the song and love it, and then we understand much about our own lives. It was a shame for Golden Melody Awards that did not give Ashin the Best lyricist award that year! 6-minute-song, no sentence is repeated, each every sentence is words of gem!!

    3. Tenderness (溫柔): This song is classic. I first listened to the 還你自由 version, the performance is PERFECT. It’s the first song of Mayday that made me fall in love with the guitar solo part played by Monster. And yeah, the way Ashin sings in this song, I can really feel his tenderness. He sings so tenderly. Then I discovered the original version. To my surprise, I love both versions equally. The original version is a little bit fresher and freer. I don’t know how to express it, but whenever I listen to the original version, I always imagine a man walking along an empty sunny street, thinking of his memories with his lover, he has a little regret, but still is he satisfied that he has let her go.

    4. Embrace (擁抱): listening to this song reveals a lot about each of us, especially when we listen to it in the darkness. It shows our natural desire to be loved. The best thing is that it’s not just about love between men and women but love in general. I adore the way the melody of this song somehow amazingly expresses the loneliness in the corner of one’s heart.

    5. Sun Wu Kung (孙悟空): Like you said, this rock song truly exhibits the spirit of Mayday. I watched a few concerts of Mayday on youtube and always wondered what this fuckingly awersome song was. When I finally understood the lyrics, I loved it a thousand more. Really admire the way Ashin took a Chinese cultural icon into a rock song.

    6. Starry sky ( 星空): I was first impressed by the title of the song because it reminded me of The Starry Night, a masterpiece by Van Gogh. (I’m a fan of his paintings). Although they’re actually not related in any way, but Starry Sky is a wonderful song whatsoever. I once listened to this song while beholding the stars on the rooftop of my house, that feeling was beyond words.

    7. Time machine (时光机): I myself think that not many pop songs can do like this song. You don’t need to understand the lyrics, you don’t need to know even the title of the song, but you can still guess its theme based on the melody. This song’s melody, when being played on piano, it totally resembles the tik tok tik tok sound of a clock. And the strings part is totally resembles the sound when you turn the alarm clock. This is something that usually only a classical music piece can do(like La Campanella), that’s why I love it so much.

    8. Crazy world (瘋狂世界): This is the first song in there debut album, isn’t it? This song is crazy. I love to hear it whenever feeling depressed. Mayday’s music at that time was so fresh, so youthful, so free.

    9. I don’t want you to be alone (我不愿,让你一个人): I can cry every time I listen to that song. Every every word, it’s simply love. The last sentences of the song really obsessed me: “All I ask is that fate takes you on a brand new journey, racing towards a happy ending. Just race forward, don’t turn back. Please forget that I’m still by myself.”. I don’t know whether Ashin wrote this song based on his own love story or not, but the lyrics are so caring, so sincere, so tender, so whole-hearted. One of my friend, who is also a Mayday fan, said that, the attitude of the male character in this song, it’s not something like high-minded, but if you really love someone, you will definitely hope that she is happy no matter what.

    10. Cang Xie (倉頡): I totally agree with what you wrote about this song. I just want to add that, as this song and 我不愿,让你一个人 are in the same album, I usually compare them to each other. While in 我不愿,让你一个人, the man want to let his lover go so that she can find her true happiness, in 倉頡, he desperately want to become Cang Xie, to be able to write a poem to make her come back to him, to be able to create a language that can remind her about him. Also, I don’t know but in some ways, I feel that this song really expresses Ashin real emotions. We all know that he is famous for his words, he is so good at wording. But at some certain points, he realized that even his words could become useless, that’s why writing a lot of things, touching so many people, but still “you cannot see”.

    11. 借问众神明: I actually don’t understand what’s this song is exactly about because I have not found the English translation for it yet. I just love the melody so much. It does remind me of the old and good atmosphere in The Beatles’s song. I think that this piece is something 1960s music fan will adore.

    12.Where my heart has not yet collapsed (我心中尚未崩壞的地方): The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. And I have to repeat that it’s unbelievable that Ashin has never won Best Lyricist Awards at GMA. I remembered Ashin has once written on his blog that this song and Bo Ya cuts the string ( 伯牙绝弦, music composed by Wang Lee Hom and lyrics composed by Ashin) share the same theme. it’s about the artist’s desperate desire to be understood, to have a real soulmate as they are always so lonely in this crazy world. His thoughts remind me of a song by Don Williams about Vincent Van Gogh. Anyway, I love both 我心中尚未崩壞的地方 and 伯牙绝弦 so much.

    13. Noah’s Ark (諾亞方舟): It will be a shortage if this song is not listed, not because it won the Best Song of the year, but because it’s truly an amazing song, it’s perfect from music to lyrics. Sometimes, I listen to it and wonder what if there were no tomorrow, what if sun would not rise the next day, what if today was the end of our earth, everything we considered meaningful would become meaningless, everything we considered as valuable would become valueless. This song evokes so much questions about what is really important in this ephemeral life.

    14. Poetry of the day after (後青春期的詩): Another thought-provoking song of Mayday. It’s a very beautiful song depicting the passing of the youth. I think this song perfectly represents the new period of Mayday, who have grown up from youngsters to adults, but still aspire to live a vivid life, still want to enjoy life to the last drip. Actually I think that this album should also have won Best Album of the year in GMA.

    15. The Song of Laughter and Forgetting ( 笑忘歌): it’s very hard to pick out the last song in this list as I love nearly every song of Mayday. But I choose this song because of its simple thoughts. Listening to this song makes us take this life much easier. “In this lifetime all I really want is ordinary happiness. Who says that’s not grand enough?”. Also, even though it’s obvious that Ashin may not be a really good vocal, but I swear no one can resist falling for his voice when listening to him singing the hand in hand version.

    • maydayist

      Hi thanks for reading! And sharing your amazing song list! You write very well! Sorry I have not been updating this blog! Hope to have time to write more about Mayday in the future!

      • imlittletoxic

        I think that maybe one day I will have to ask for some of your experiences to buy Mayday’s concert ticket :-< it must be very hard to join their concert right? Especially i dont even know half a Chinese word. And in my country not many people know about Mayday =.=

      • maydayist

        Mayday’s concert tickets are indeed very difficult to get! Hope you will have a chance to attend their concert!

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