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Mayday’s 15th Anniversary – 五月天15週年

Well, Mayday celebrated their 15th year anniversary last month. 29th March is their anniversary date. 15 years ago on 29th March, the five boys started their amazing journey.

In their 15th year, they finally travelled all the way to Madison Square Garden and became the first Chinese Rock Band to performed in the legendary venue. The historical moment in Madison Square Garden was quite nicely encapsulated by 完全娛樂.

It was very meaningful for Mayday to conclude their Nowhere Tour on 29th March in Los Angeles. Check out their end-of-tour speech here:

A fan, Sandra Cheng, created a nice montage video to commemorate Mayday’s 15th year anniversary.

The Nowhere Tour, 82 concerts, 50 cities. 2011-2014.

The tour started on 23rd December 2011. It ended in Asia on 15th September 2013. Finally, the tour concluded in America on 29th March 2014. It has been a long tour that spanned over almost 3 long years. To a certain extent, I insanely toured with Mayday. I started the tour in Taipei on 23rd December 2011 and ended with Mayday in Taichung on 15th September 2013. I actually watched 10 Nowhere concerts. Obviously, I spent a large part of my ‘fortune’ on the ‘hedonistic’ tour. But I guess, the experiences and memories which I collected during the tour could not be measured by money. One day, I will definitely look back and wonder what possessed me to do all these crazy things with Mayday.

My Nowhere Tour (2011-2013)
1. 23/12/2011 – Taipei
2. 24/12/2011 – Taipei
3. 25/12/2011 – Taipei
4. 30/12/2012 – Kaohsiung
5. 31/12/2012 – Kaohsiung
6. 10/05/2013 – Hong Kong
7. 14/06/2012 – Singapore
8. 15/06/2012 – Singapore
9. 14/09/2013 – Taichung
10. 15/09/2013 – Taichung


15 years. 8 studio albums. 2 compilation albums. 1 Japanese music album. Looking back, my history with Mayday started in 2001. During those crazy junior college years, ‘人生海海’ introduced me to the world of Mayday. Since then, it has been a ‘point of no return’ journey. Over the course of about 12 years, Mayday has accompanied me through various milestones in my life. Here is my small tribute to Mayday as I review the 15 songs which present Mayday’s massive influence in my life.

1. 溫柔

The classic ‘溫柔’. What more can I say about this song? Countless angsty-scream fests in KTV sessions. Countless memories. One ringtone.


Nowadays, Mayday only sings the ‘還你自由’ version of ‘溫柔’. I really miss the original version. Hopefully Ashin will sing the original version one day.

離開地球表面演唱會 溫柔 還你自由版

DNA 創造演唱會 溫柔 還你自由版

2. 人生海海
Another classic…


3. 憨人
A classic of the classics. Let’s ‘lalalala’ in true Mayday’s spirit…


4. 志明與春嬌
The classic rock ballad that introduced Mayday to the world… Screaming emo lyrics in Taiwanese dialect has never felt this good…


5. 瘋狂世界
A signature ‘Mayday’ rock song in their early days. Ah… Youth, Freedom…


6. 終結孤單
A super energetic rock anthem from the ‘days of being wild’. Check out the boys’ hilarious antics with the baguettes in the music video!


7. 愛情萬歲
A raw ‘sexy sexy sexy’ rock song. It never fails to ‘conjure’ my lustful desires to rip off Ashin’s shirt…


8. 孫悟空
With humorous allusions to ‘Journey to the West’, this powerful rock song exhibits the true ‘rock spirit’ of Mayday.

讓我有希望的活 (請給我快樂苦痛)

9. 倔強
One of Mayday’s most motivational song. Whenever shit hits the fan, this song always motivates me. Screw the world as ‘我的手越骯髒,眼神越是發光’.


10. 知足
This may seem like a simple love ballad but the words ‘知足’ has ‘evolved’ over the years. They constantly remind the fans to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and learn how to be ‘知足’.


11. 如煙
The two words ‘如煙’ only appear at the end of the song. This masterfully written composition contains Ashin’s sharp observations of memory and time – transitoriness of youth and ephemerality of life.


A moving medley of 如煙 and 如果還有明天

12. 倉頡
In my opinion, it is one of the best love ballad written in the history of Chinese popular music. Lyrical. Poetic. Poignant. It is a blasphemy not to give Ashin at least one ‘Best Lyricist’ award in his lifetime as he is definitely one of the most outstanding song composers in the Chinese music industry.


13. 諾亞方舟
This song clinched the ‘Best Song of the Year’ (最佳年度歌曲) in the 23rd Golden Melody Awards Ceremony. The allusion to ‘Noak’s Ark’ captures the essence of life and provides an interesting commentary of the human condition.


14. 有些事現在不做一輩子都不會做了
To me, this is a very inspirational song. It may sound ‘clichéd’ but this song actually played quite a big role in my life.


15. 第二人生
Similar to the uplifting ‘有些事現在不做一輩子都不會做了’, this song urges the fans to pursue their dreams, their ‘第二人生’.


Well, it is extremely difficult to select only 15 songs from Mayday’s wide repertoire of ‘musical goodies’. My selection of 15 songs may change when Mayday reaches their 14th year anniversary…

So how many years have you voyaged with Mayday during their 15 years journey? Perhaps your 15 ‘representative’ Mayday songs will be very different from mine…

Mayday and Singapore F1 2014

Singapore GP Mayday

Well, I am sure everyone should know about Mayday’s participation in Singapore’s F1 race this year. I actually heard rumors about Mayday and F1 last year. Finally, Mayday is making their appearance in F1 and in my homeland! Once the news was confirmed, my friends rushed to buy the walkabout tickets for 19 September, Friday. The walkabout ticket costs about $38 SG before the news was released. Currently, the walkabout ticket costs about $68 SG. You can buy the tickets from the F1 website.

Last year, I also bought the ‘cheap’ walkabout ticket and attended Mr Jay’s concert. Mr Jay staged a great show that lasted for about an hour. Mayday will probably performed about 1 hour this year too. If you want good ‘standing space’, you probably have to start ‘camping’/queuing very early.

The writeup of Mayday in the F1 website:


  • MAYDAY to headline Padang Stage on Friday, 19 September 2014
  • First Chinese rock band to perform at the only Formula One™ night race

Race promoter Singapore GP Pte Ltd confirmed Asia’s biggest rock quintet MAYDAY (五月天) as the first Chinese rock band to headline at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The award-winning band will perform on Friday, 19 September at the Padang stage at the 2014 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX.

“Singapore holds a special place in our hearts and we are ecstatic to be performing for the very first time at this year’s Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. We are looking forward to performing our celebrated hits and meeting everyone in Singapore. It will definitely be a spectacular night full of high-energy performances and we hope to see you at the Padang Stage!” said MAYDAY.

Widely dubbed as ‘The Chinese Beatles’ by The Washington Post, MAYDAY has released eight studio albums, and sold over eight million records in total, since their debut 15 years ago. Over the years, they have received over 150 music awards, including Best Band for the Golden Melody Awards – Taiwan’s version of the Grammy Awards – in 2001, 2004, 2009 and 2012, the Global Chinese Music Awards and the CCTV MTV Music Awards, amongst others. Citing The Beatles as their influence, MAYDAY is undoubtedly one of the most prominent rock bands in Asia and known for their high-energy performances.

Their eighth and latest studio album The Second Round(第二人生), which features the hit song Noah’s Ark(诺亚方舟),swept six awards in the 2012 Golden Melody Award including Best Mandarin Album and Best Song of the Year.

In 2012, MAYDAY became the first ever Chinese rock band to perform at YouTube’s headquarters in California, holding the record of having more than 50,000 viewers witnessing the showcase at one time and total viewing counts of up to 300,000 in the history of Chinese music.

With over 200 concerts in major cities including Los Angeles, London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei, MAYDAY has performed to over 10 million fans around the globe. They performed to sellout concerts in Hong Kong, Japan and China, where 100,000 tickets for their NOWHERE World Tour at Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium sold out in less than three minutes.

Recently MAYDAY has just completed the US & Europe leg of their Nowhere World Tour, having performed at some of the world’s most acclaimed venues like London’s Wembley Arena and New York Madison Square Garden. Specifically, MAYDAY performed to a 14,000 strong crowd at the Madison Square Garden, having once again set for themselves an impressive new record in Chinese music history.

Fans of the quintet consisting of Ashin (陳信宏), Monster (溫尚翊), Stone (石錦航), Masa (蔡昇晏) and Ming (劉浩明) can look forward to a high-energy performance at Singapore’s largest outdoor stage at the Padang with the band’s chart-topping hits such as Gentle (温柔),Stubborn(倔强), Love ING(恋爱ING) and Dont’s Dont’s(伤心的人别听慢歌).

Entry to the MAYDAY concert at the Padang stage as well as all other entertainment in Zone 4 is included with any three-day 2014 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX ticket or Friday Zone 4 Walkabout ticket.

Tickets for the 2014 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX are available for sale at, via the ticketing hotline +65 6738 6738 as well as authorised agents.

Singapore GP will be announcing additional artistes in the coming months. For updates on the latest entertainment schedule, visit

So are you heading to Singapore’s F1 race (a rich man’s carnival) and watch Mayday’s performance?