S.H.E 春浪音樂節 2014 - Spring Wave Music and Art Festival


Well, I need to take a frivolous break from thinking about the unfortunate saga that Mayday is embroiled in recently. To prepare for S.H.E’s performance in Spring Wave Music and Art Festival, I took a trip down memory land and revisited the classic S.H.E’s songs which accompanied my noisy teenager years – especially in the KTV rooms. I am not really a fan of S.H.E. but some of their songs are truly nostalgic (they dominated the radio charts in the early 2000s with our dear Mayday boys and of course Mr Jay). I have selected 10 songs which defined (in my opinion) the S.H.E era and hopefully they will sing during the upcoming concert.


This is S.H.E’s ‘成名曲’ that kind of propelled them to fame. Many ’emo’ teenagers nursed their ‘unreciprocated love wounds’ by drowning themselves with this song.


A KTV-friendly hit from their second album.


A ‘kawaii’ song with weird injection of random Japanese words.

4. Beauty Up My Life

Another ‘kawaii’ techno-like song with some random Japanese phrases.

5. 愛呢
The girls showcase their signature ‘harmonising’ abilities in this popular song.

6. Super Star
They will definitely sing this soft-rock anthem! Please sing this song as I can transform into Ella and terrorise everyone in Kending with my ‘rocker alter ego’!

7. Remember

An upbeat song with the refrain ‘Say you’ll remember, remember my hug, my heart, my love’, ‘Say you’ll remember, remember my eyes, my smile, my soul’… Shiver…

8. 中國話

In this popular ‘China Wind’ song, the girls attempted a fusion of Chinese culture, hip-hop and rap.

9. 五月天

This song conjures memories of lost innocent love somehow. Ashin looked so dashing (the nerdy specs) in this music video. Lecherous Serena molested our dear Ashin in a scandalous kissing scene at the end of the video!


Our dear Ashin wrote the lyrics for this song so I am kind of hoping that they will sing this song!

For old times’ sake, I have to add two ‘emo-跳樓’ songs. As I have defined awhile back, these classic songs will make any heart-broken souls so depressed and ‘encourage’ them to jump down a cliff with their shattered hearts.



I am sure I have missed out some of S.H.E hits. Undoubtably, one of the most successful female group in the Mando pop scene, S.H.E has so many classic love ballads that accompanied many lonely hearts during their adolescence years. It will be very amusing and interesting to watch S.H.E performing the KTV oldies in Kending! 懐かしい!


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