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春浪音樂節 2014 - Spring Wave Music and Art Festival

Oh I am so sorry for ‘missing in action’! I am sure everyone should have this fantastic news by now! Who will be performing at ‘Kenting Spring Wave 2014’? MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY! It has been my dream to attend the legendary ‘Kenting Spring Scream Festival’ ever since I watched Cape No. 7  (海角七號) many years ago! Well, thanks to a kind soul for clearing my confusion, Mayday is attending the mainstream ‘Spring Wave’ concert and not the more indie-rock ‘Spring Scream’ festival.

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I still can’t believe that Mayday and Flumpool are going to perform at Kenting! Monster and Ryuta attended a press conference to announce their participation in Spring Scream 2014!


This year’s line up is rather ‘mainstream’ with big acts like Mayday and S.H.E! Yes! S.H.E is back! I hope they will rock it out in Kenting. Please keep the emo love ballads away and sing rock anthems! I also can’t wait to see 乱彈阿翔 live! Yes! I am going to Kenting this April! I actually secured tickets for both nights! Lucky! =)

Some videos from various press conferences:

The ‘Spring Wave’ concert venue is a Hengchun airport (恆春機場).

You can check out the Spring Wave’s website and Facebook page. Two rounds of sales had been carried out in the past 2 weeks. I managed to beg someone to help me queue at Family Mart and ‘tackle’ the Ibon machines. She was so ‘awesome’ that I was blessed with one pair of tickets from the first round of sales and another pair from the second round. I think it is not that difficult to buy the tickets if you are willing to pay. The venue is quite huge. But once again, Mayday fans are crazy. And there will many S.H.E and Flumpool fans who will go all the way to Kenting.

If you plan to attend this year’s ‘Kenting Spring Wave’ or even the ‘Kenting Spring Scream Festival’, try to book your accommodation now! I booked my accommodation a few days ago and about 50% of the hotels/hostels/minsus near the concert venue was fully booked. Kenting in April will be crazy! So are you lucky to descend on Kenting on 4 and 5 April 2014? If you are… SCREAM!!!