Mayday Japan Special Live Concert Goods

Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!
2014 is finally here. 2013 had been a fantastic year! May 2014 be another year filled with ‘Mayday-fied Happiness’! I can’t believe Mayday will be performing in Japan this coming weekend! It will be so exciting!

There is a special series of concert goods for the Osaka-Tokyo concerts. You can visit the website for more information.

1) Concert Tee – 3000 Yen


2) Face Towel – 1500 Yen


3) Bag – 1000 Yen



Honestly, I find the designs rather unattractive. I understand the enigmatic elephant is symbolic. However, the graphic design of the concert tee resembles the ‘Red Bull’ logo. But of course, I will probably purchase something as a memento.

It will be a cold in Japan this weekend! I am sure Mayday will increase the temperature in Namba and Zepp and warm up the fans’ hearts! So are you braving the cold and DANCIN’ with Mayday this weekend?



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