Mayday’s Compilation Album 2013 – 五月天步步自選作品輯



15+15首 (6首2013錄音室新作或重製作品)

What a brilliant album cover! Well done Mayday and the marketing crew! I love the concept! The juxtaposition between the 2005 and 2013 compilation albums is so striking. While the use of the same design in both album covers creates an uncanny effect, it also enhances the differences presented in the photographs. 8 years have passed and our boys have aged with the passing of time. Stone has aged most gracefully amongst the boys. I love the ‘pensive’ look on Monster’s face, Masa’s stoic posture and Ashin’s transition from the ‘boy’ in checkered shirt to the ‘man’ in a suave suit. Guanyou’s awkward ‘wiping mouth’ posture is just so amusing. The release of the second compilation album perfectly concludes Mayday’s fantastic year in 2013 and highlights their impressive achievements since 2005.

The contrast between the two album covers provides a timely reminder for us to reflect on our lives in the past 8 years. What were you doing 8 years ago when you were listening to the 知足 album? Do you still hold the same ideals and values which you had 8 years ago? How have you changed in the past 8 years?


I am sure we have grown and changed in various ways since 2005. Some changes are good while some changes are regrettable. No matter what kinds of triumphs or scars are collected in the past 8 years… Thanks to Mayday for being a part of the journey… 謝謝五月天這八年一步步陪我們走過這亂世浮生,人生海海的生活…



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