Mayday’s Nowhere Europe Tour 2014

After the unfortunate postponement in September, the Europe tour dates were finalised in November. I am very happy that my Hungarian friend, Gabi, is finally able to attend a live Mayday concert. I wish I have money to tour Europe with Mayday. Maybe I will save enough money for the next Europe tour in 2015/2016?

The new dates:
21 February 2014 – Wembley Arena London
23 February 2014 – Zenith Paris
26 February 2014 – Heineken Music hall Amsterdam

Seems like they have removed Germany from their tour. You can look at information about the venues in my previous posts here and here.

In November, the boys had a press conference on 4 November 2013.

The female host was extremely annoying. I wished she did not scream into the microphone with ‘woohoo’ all the time. She ‘cheapened’ the atmosphere of the press conference. The boys, especially Mr Ashin, probably need some English lessons. The press kept emphasizing on the ‘Chinese Beatles’ title repeatedly. This ‘prestigious’ association to the legendary British band seemed to make the boys uncomfortable. I guess it is very ‘pressurizing’ to be compared incessantly to the greatest British band in history. Some of the reporters looked bored during the press conference. I doubt Mayday has many European fans. The goal of ‘invading’ the European market may be more focused on achieving an important milestone’ in Mayday’s career rather than securing more European fans. Ideally, we hope that Mayday’s music can transcend language and geographic boundaries. Alas, it is not that easy in reality.

Despite facing various constraints, I applaud Mayday’s spirit and how they are always seeking to pursue greater heights in their music journey.

It must be very exciting for the boys to be part of this BBC interview.

This mini English documentary summarises succinctly why I am such a devoted fan.

If you are an European fan like Gabi, I hope my English blog has make your Mayday journey more interesting! =)


4 responses to “Mayday’s Nowhere Europe Tour 2014

  • Harmaahaltia

    Hi! I’m a European fan too, studying in Taiwan at the moment, but will be going back to Europe just in time to see the concert in Amsterdam:) I just wanted to say I’m so thankful for you for blogging about 五月天 in English! Following your blog makes my life much easier as my Chinese is still way too poor to allow me to keep updated on everything they’re up to:D

    • maydayist

      Hi! I am very happy to know that my blog has helped you in some ways! It is great that you can watch their concert in Amsterdam! Which part of Europe are you from? It is so amazing that you can appreciate Mayday’s music! =)

  • Harmaahaltia

    I’m from Finland.:) Keep up the good work with the blog! It’s not only informative, I also like your style of writing and your own reflection of all the things you’re writing about. It’s truly interesting to read how other people have experienced their music/concerts/other stuff:)

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