Mayday’s Nowhere Concert in South Korea 2014

I am so sorry for lacking self-discipline. The latest update is arriving very late! Our dear Mayday has finally announced their South Korea tour date!


Date: February 8th 2014, Saturday
Time: 20:00
Venue: KINTEX Center, Seoul, 韓國國際展覽中心
Ticket prices: 155,550won (VIP section), 125,550won (R section), 95,550 (S section), 55,550 won (A section)


You can purchase the tickets here. I do not understand any Korean so I have no idea what is going on in this website. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the concert. Bad timing again.

The concert venue looks quite nice!

_전경_0 stay_hotel_map

I suspect this concert is just a chance for Mayday to have a short vacation in Seoul as I doubt they have many Korean fans. Most people going for this concert will probably be crazy Chinese fans who like K-Pop or using this trip as an opportunity to tour Korea.

So 안녕하십니가 ! Are you joining Mayday at Seoul in 2014?







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