Mayday x 五月天 the Best of 1999-2013

YEA! Mayday’s first Japan album was finally released on 13 November 2013! I preordered the CDs more than one month ago and they arrived in a nice packaging today. Japan’s HMV provides excellent service! Firstly, I could accumulate points on my Ponta card for my online purchase. Next, they delivered the cute HMV Ponta to my house. Just one week ago, they emailed and enquired for my preferred delivery date and time. The postcard delivered the awesome parcel straight to my doorstep. And did I mention? The delivery was FREE and I was given some online vouchers. HMV rocks!

The CDs were wrapped nicely in plastic and placed in a secure Loppi box!

I helped some friends to order the CDs and I ordered the Flumpool Belief CD too.

The album art is rather intriguing. This is an almost surrealistic or even absurdist mood created by the charging elephant which has a carousel on its back. What is the symbolism of the elephant? Perhaps Mayday’s determination to ‘invade’ the Japan’s market is exemplified in elephant’s powerful bolting movements. The carousel reminds me of  ‘你不是真正的快乐’ music video. The person behind the art direction is ‘sevenshuffles’. Who is this mysterious artist? What inspired him/her to create the album art? What is the meaning behind the elephant and carousel?

The elephant’s backside is pretty magnificent too!


The Song List:

1. Dancin’ Dancin’ feat. TERU (GLAY) [傷心的人別聽慢歌] ★作詞:TAKURO (GLAY) / ゲストボーカル:TERU (GLAY)
2. Belief ~春を待つ君へ~ feat. flumpool ★映画「おしん」主題歌
3. 満ち足りた想い出 / 知足
4. 出陣の歌 / 入陣曲 ★新曲
5. 一歩一歩 / 步步 ★新曲 ※テレビドラマ「步步驚情」主題曲映像
6. 僕は僕に嘘をつかない / 倔強
7. 愛の記憶は突然に / 突然好想你
8. 恋愛ING / 戀愛ING
9. 乾杯 / 乾杯
10. 孫悟空 / 孫悟空
11. 瞬間少年ジャンプ / 離開地球表面
12. 君は幸せじゃないのに / 你不是真正的快樂
13. ひとり上手にならないで / 我不願讓你一個人
14. OAOA feat. Ryuta Yamamura (flumpool)
15. やさしすぎて /  溫柔

My dear Ashin and 知足.

Mr Stone and 突然好想你.

Mr Monster and 戀愛ING.

Mr Masa and 我不願讓你一個人.

Mr Guanyou and 溫柔.

Our boys look very charming in this group picture!

There is a free, special exclusive DVD which accompanied the CD.

The DVD consists of 3 clips – the ‘Belief’ music video, the ‘OAOA’ concert video and the movie trailer of ‘Nowhere 3D’ movie. I have not seen that ‘OAOA’ concert video before. The video was probably filmed during the Kaohsiung concerts in December 2012 as I recognized the structure of the World Games Stadium.

The album also comes with a piece of paper that contains a special code. With the special code, you can ballot for the January 2014 concerts in Osaka and Tokyo. I am not too sure if the special code will give ‘priority’ to the bidders who had purchased the album. Apparently, there is also a ‘lucky draw’ for the Japan premiere of the ‘Nowhere 3D’ movie in Tokyo on 17 November 2013.

So… let’s hope the album will do well in Japan! Maybe Mayday should hold autograph sessions for the album! Please have the autograph sessions during the concert weekend!

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