Mayday Japan Concerts January 2014: Osaka and Tokyo Concert Tickets


After two rounds of painful balloting process, I finally got tickets for both Tokyo and Osaka tickets! We are very very very lucky. Osaka tickets appear to be easier to get as a few of my friends were allocated the tickets through the first round of ballot. The Tokyo tickets are rather elusive. We used at least 5 different Eplus accounts (with 5 different Japan addressees) and only managed to obtain 2 tickets.

With our battle experiences with Eplus, let me try to help some of you who would like to get the concert tickets. As stated in my previous entry, you need a Japan address to create an Eplus account. You have to fill in a complicated registration page using Japanese characters.

Eplus held two rounds of balloting so far. They are currently opening a third round of balloting. Visit Eplus for Osaka and Tokyo tickets. You can bid for the tickets from 2013/11/05 (Tue) 10:00 to 2013/11/18 (Mon) 23:59. The ballot results will be released from 2013/11/20 (Wed) 13:00 to 2013/11/21 (Thu) 18:00. Each person can only ballot for a maximum of 4 tickets. This third round seems to be a Family Mart special ballot. You will have to pay for the tickets at Family Mart if you are allocated the tickets.

If you can’t get the tickets during this Family Mart round, you can try to purchase the tickets during the general sales period from 13/12/8 (Sun) 10:00 to 14/1/7 (Tuesday) 18:00. I am not too sure how many tickets will be available during the general sales round.

The weather should be freezing in Tokyo and Osaka in January. So do take notice of the locations of your hotels if you are going for the concerts. The Osaka concert is at Namba so you should try to stay in the Namba area. The Tokyo concert is at Zepp which is in the Odaiba (Tokyo Bay) area.

You can try to buy cheap domestic air tickets via Jetstar, Peach Airlines or Vanilla Air.

11-13 January 2014 is a long weekend in Japan. Hence, flights and hotels are sold out quite quickly. So try to book everything as soon as possible once you get the concert tickets.

Good luck everyone! Hope to see you in Japan at the start of 2014!


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