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Mayday Nowhere Concert CD Album

Yea! I finally got my hands on the freshly released Mayday Nowhere Concert CD album! Thanks to my new Taiwanese friends, they were so kind to buy the albums from Chiayi and fly with Mayday to meet me! I ripped apart the plastic wrapping once I received the album.

I was extremely happy with the goodies!

There is a cute sticker!

The song lyrics for all the songs are printed on three gorgeous mini posters! Firstly, the lime green poster with words ‘MAYDAY NOWHERE’ and charming Ashin in the middle…

Secondly, a montage of the spectacular scenes from the concerts!

Lastly, a nice poster with the portraits of our boys! I love Masa’s ‘concealed face’ look!

The song list for the 2-CD album:

Disc 1

  1. 有些事現在不做一輩子都不會做了
  2. 2012
  3. 叫我第一名
  4. 愛情萬歲
  5. 星空
  6. 我不願讓你一個人
  7. 倉頡
  8. 你不是真正的快樂
  9. 盛夏光年
  10. 諾亞方舟
  11. 一千個世紀.
  12. 如煙+如果還有明天.
  13. 擁抱.
  14. 第二人生

Disc 2

  1. 乾杯
  2. 瘋狂世界
  3. 三個傻瓜
  4. OK啦
  5. 溫柔
  6. OAOA (現在就是永遠).
  7. 有些事現在不做一輩子就不會做了
  8. 倔強.
  9. 離開地球表面+諾亞方舟
  10. 突然好想你
  11. 憨人
  12. 傷心的人別聽慢歌(貫徹快樂)

I think the song list is very comprehensive. Listening to the album is like attending the concert again! I felt so ‘high’ as I listened to the live tracks.  I love every single track and each of them evokes a unique set of memory. I can almost experience the feelings which I had when I enjoyed the songs during the live concerts. I am just a little disappointed that they did not include the fantastic medley of ‘讓我照顧你+最重要的小事’. I was blown away by the medley when I first heard it on 23 December 2011. Tears almost burst through my ‘crying-resistant’ eyes when I listened to Ashin’s tender voice. The transition from ‘讓我照顧你’ to ‘最重要的小事’ is flawlessly! The two songs are made in heaven! Ashin said before that he does not really sing ‘讓我照顧你’ live as the lyrics are too ‘romantic’ and thus ’embarrassing’. Hence, I was surprised that they included the song in the set list. I hope they will include that track somewhere in the future. Take out your tissue and watch this ‘fan-made’ version of the song…

One of the best track is the extended version of ‘憨人’. Ashin’s speech at the end is so moving and inspirational. I think I heard the exact speech in Kaohsiung last December. The ‘啦啦啦啦…啦啦啦啦’ atmosphere is just so electrifying! I had goosebumps whenever the entire audience sang  ‘啦啦啦啦…啦啦啦啦’ and the boys just looked at the fans with so much emotions.

從小我一直希望我是一個很特別的人 我很希望我是一個獨一無二的人 
可是我從來沒有考過第一名 從來沒有過
然後演講比賽也通通槓龜 然後去報名參加合唱團的時候也被刷掉
終於有一天我找到一件事情 發現我好像可以做
我很幸運 因為其實我從來就不是一個很會唱歌的主唱
不是一個很會做詞的作詞人 不是一個很會作曲的作曲人
甚至在台上 我要跟大家一起跳舞的時候總是沒有成功過
我的朋友 我是說不只台上這四個人
而是你們 都很慷慨
我只希望 我們寫出來的歌
可以陪你們 在沒有看人的到你的時候

Ashin also said something very moving in this version!

嗯… 如果我們沒有辦法在一起的話
五月天 和你一起改變…

The DNA version of the ‘出頭天 + 憨人’ is also very touching!

‘憨人’ clearly epitomizes the true Mayday spirit. It captures the essence of what Mayday represents, what Mayday believes and why the fans love Mayday so much. Like Mayday, we are all ‘憨人’… Mayday accurately and bravely sings out our sentiments! Their ‘憨人’ success gives us a glimmer of hope as we plough through our ‘憨人’ existence…

我有我的路 有我的夢 夢中的那個世界 甘講伊是一場空
我走過的路 只有希望 希望你我講過的話 放在心肝內 總有一天
我有我的路 我有我的夢
總會有一天 總會有一天