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Mayday Live in Japan January 2014 – Osaka and Tokyo


Yes! Mayday is finally coming to Japan to perform! They will have two concerts in January 2014.

Osaka performance
Date: January 11, 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: NAMBA Hatch
Time: 16:00 (Doors open), 17:00 (Performance)

Tokyo show
Date: January 12, 2014 (Sun)
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Time: 15:00 (Doors open), 18:00 (Performance)

The venues look so interesting! It is a free-standing concert and each ticket costs $7500 Yen and an addition $210 Yen for service charge.

You can ‘ballot’ for the tickets at the Eplus website. However, you need a Japanese address to become an Eplus member. The ballot results will be released between 18 October 1.00 p.m. to 19 October 6.00 p.m. Good luck!

I believe that the Japan concerts in January will be a short showcase of their greatest hits. They will probably sing the songs from their first Japan album which will be released on 13 November 2013. They have included 15 tracks in this album. It must be a very challenging task to choose 15 songs which chronicle their journey from 1999-2013. I am surprised that they did not include some classics like ’人生海海‘, ‘瘋狂世界’ and the dialect songs like ‘憨人’. I think they just want to focus on Chinese songs first. I guess it is an almost impossible task to shortlist 15 songs which represent Mayday’s success in a single album.

  1. 傷心的人別聽慢歌<日本語ver.>
  2. OAOA<日本語Ver.>
  3. Belief 〜春を待つ君へ〜 / flumpool×Mayday (映画「おしん」主題歌)
  4. 歩歩
  5. 入陣曲
  6. 知足
  7. 突然好想你
  8. 孫悟空
  9. 乾杯
  10. 倔強
  11. 戀愛ING
  12. 我不願讓你一個人
  13. 離開地球表面
  14. 你不是真正的快樂
  15. 溫柔

In their Mayday Japan website, they have included this short video to introduce themselves to their new Japanese fans.

I admire Mayday’s courage and determination to venture into a foreign market. After so many years in the industry, they are not complacent (unlike perhaps Mr Jay) and trying to break more new grounds before they retire. がんべった五月天!

Mayday X Flumpool – Belief 給等待春天的你 Lyrics and Performances in Japan

What a beautiful song! When I first saw the music video, I was stunned by Ashin. Is it possible for Ashin to be more desirable? Yes! Ashin singing in Japanese is like drinking nectar in heaven! Even though I did not really understand the lyrics, my heart was fluttering as Ashin sang together with Flumpool’s Ryuta. In the moment of ‘Ashin Intoxication’, I found new determination and strength to master the Japanese language!!!

I managed to find the Chinese translation of the Japanese lyrics (thanks to this blog). I tried to translate using Chinese translation and my minimum comprehension of the Japanese language, hence please pardon the not very accurate English translation.


どれほどの涙(なみだ) 君(きみ)はその笑顔(えがお)に隠(かく)すの
Dorehodono Namida Kimihasono Egaoni Kakusuno
What many tears do you hide behind your smile?

Dorehodono Egao
What many smiles?

Darekanotameni Sasagetekitano
Solely dedicated to who?

君(きみ)の優(やさ)しさに触(ふ)れて 今(いま)雪(ゆき)が溶(と)ける
Kimino Yasashisani Furete Ima Yukiga Tokeru
Because it touches your tenderness , the snow is melting now

どんなに遠(とお)くても 君(きみ)の願(ねが)いは叶(かな)う
Donnani To-ku Temo Kimino Negaiwa Kanau
不論多遠 你的願望會實現
Even though it is distant, your wish will come granted

Hitoshirezu Namida Karashite
Behind the crowd, the tears flow and dry silently

慰(なぐさ)めては 踏(ふ)み出(だ)してく
Nagusametewa Fumi Dashiteku
最好的慰藉 就是繼續大步向前
The best comfort is to continue and take big steps forward

君(きみ)の足跡(あしあと)が春(はる)を待(ま)つ祈(いの)りが いつの日(ひ)か
Kimino Ashiatoga Haruo Matsu Inoriga itsuno Hika
你的足跡 祈求等待著春天等待總會到達的那一天
Your footprints – praying and waiting for spring; the arrival of that one day

届(とど)くように故郷(ふるさと)へとゆく 虹(にじ)になれ
Todoku Youni Furusatoe Toyuku Nijininare
Arriving at the hometown and experiencing the rainbow

疑(うたが)われたって 裏切(うらぎ)られたって 信(しん)じて
Utagawaretatte Uragiraretatte Shinjite
就算被懷疑 就算被背叛依然相信
Even though doubts are tearing you apart, you still believe

どれだけ我慢(がまん)も 明日(あした)のために飲(の)みこんできたの
Doredake Gamanmo Ashitanotameni Nomikondekitano
How much do I endure for the arrival of tomorrow?

Kimiwa Masshirona Yumeo Mada Hirogeteyuku
你將純白的夢想 又一次無限延伸開
Your pure white dreams stretched out widely

Donnani Tsuraku Temo
No matter how much suffering

明日(あした) 信(しん)じてゆく
Ashita Shinjiteyuku
Still continue to believe in tomorrow

Mayonakani Tsumo Ru Omoio
在夜半時分 把堆積的思念
During the midnight which are filled with thoughts

胸(むね)に秘(ひ)めて 歩(ある)いてゆく
Muneni Himete Aruiteyuku
藏在心裡 繼續大步前進
Hiding secrets in the heart; continue to walk forward with big steps

君(きみ)の眼差(まなざ)しが 温(あたた)かな掌(てのひら)が
Kimino Manazashiga Atatakana Tenohiraga
你的眼神 溫暖的手掌
Your eyes and warm hands

Shiawaseo Tsuretekuruyo
Bring happiness

Kumori Sorani Saku Hananoyouni
Like a blooming flower under the empty and gloomy skies

夢見(ゆめみ)て 期待(きたい)して
Yumemite Kitaishite
懷抱夢想 擁有期
Embrace dreams with anticipation

Nanimo Kamoo Shinjiteyuku
No matter how things turn out, continue to believe

Kokorowa Itamio Koeru
With faith – you can transcend all your pain

すべてを背負(せお)って 君(きみ)のように歌(うた)いながら
Subeteo Seotte Kiminoyouni Utainagara
背負起所有 就像你一樣歌頌著所有
Carrying all the burdens and singing out the heart just like you

どんなに遠(とお)くても 君(きみ)の願(ねが)うは叶(かな)う
Donnani To-ku Temo Kimino Negauwa Kanau
不論多遠 你的願望會實現
Even though it is distant, your wish will come granted

Natsukashi Omokageo Dakishimetewa Aruiteyuku
把熟悉的身影 緊緊擁抱著大步向前
Embrace your missed shadow and walk forward with big strides

君(きみ)の頑張(がんば)りが 春(はる)を待(ま)つ祈(いの)りが
Kimino Ganbariga Haruo Matsu Inoriga
你的努力 祈求等待著春天的來臨
You persevere, pray and wait for the arrival of spring

いつの日(ひ)か 届(とど)くように故郷(ふるさと)へとゆく
Itsuno Hika Todoku Youni Furusatoe Toyuku
總有一天會到達 面相故鄉的
Finally, there will be the day that you will return back to your hometown

That smile

Donna Hibimo
No matter how the days become

折(お)れないような花(はな)のように咲(さ)く 君(きみ)になれ
Orenaiyouna Hananoyouni Saku Kimininare
都不要感到挫折 向花朵一樣綻放你就是你
Don’t be defeated by setbacks; you are the one who bloom like a flower

The MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System) interview which was conducted on 21 September 2013

Mayday is visiting Japan very often in the recent months. They attended the biggest show in Japan, the Music Station programme.


Taiwan is very proud of Mayday. Check out the news reports.

Finally, as I predicted, Mayday appeared as guest stars during Flumpool 5th anniversary concert on 2 October in Tokyo. I guessed that Mayday would be guest stars and Ashin would sing ‘Belief’. And I was right! Too bad I could not go to Tokyo! Why did they have the concert on a weekday!?


So it looks like Mayday will be visiting Japan more in the future! =)