Mayday Nowhere Europe Tour – Postponed

Sorry for being so not disciplined! I have been too busy with so many new changes. Anyway, I had to start with a piece of super bad news. The Europe tour has been postponed…

I was very shocked when I received the news. The announcement from B’in music website:

Unfortunately due to the weather condition in Asia, Shipment of technical equipments to Europe for Mayday concert is severely affected, and Mayday has been forced to postpone their September 2013 European tour. With the assistance from Live Nations, the new dates are set at 21 Feb 2014 for London, and 23rd Feb 2014 for Paris. Netherland and Germany dates and more ticketing details will be announced once we have the venue secured. We regret any inconvenience caused.

Customers are advised to contact their point of original ticket purchase for a full refund and will be notified as soon as more details for the remaining dates and ticketing information have been confirmed.

If further assistance is needed due to the postponement, please send your queries and we shall attend to you in a timely manner.

Thanks for your understanding!

Then I immediately thought of Gabi and felt so awful. I kept telling her about how awesome Mayday live concerts are and encouraging her to attend their concert. When the news of the Europe tour was confirmed, we were so happy that she could finally attend their concert. In order to fly from Hungary to London, she had spent so much effort and money to make her dream come true. A true Mayday fan, she had painstakingly translated so many of Mayday songs into Hungarian and German. She is so dedicated that she had often asked me for help with some of the translations. Unlike her, I am not so disciplined to analyze all of Mayday songs. She had even created subtitles for many of their music videos. Most importantly, she does not understand Chinese. Just imagine how much determination she possesses?  In my opinion, she deserves (more than any ordinary fans) to attend a Mayday concert. But unfortunately, she is unable to watch Mayday live in September.

Despite being a hardcore Mayday fan, I am very disappointed by Mayday’s decision this time. I know that they must have no choice and encountered great difficulties when making this decision. However, the implications of the postponement are far-reaching. All the Europeans fan who had bought the air tickets and booked their accommodation. All the other Asian fans (from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and etc.) who bought expensive air ticket to Europe. And the other expenditures like transportation and associated entertainment costs like booking a ticket to watch a musical in London. Based on what I know, Mayday has never cancelled or postponed any concerts. The Mayday I know will never disappoint their fans with no valid reasons – I hope. This is truly a sad piece of news. I cannot do anything but help Gabi to appeal to Mayday (check out her blog) –  Please at least do something for them so that they will not make a ‘wasted’ trip to Europe.

I have no solutions… perhaps nobody has any solutions…. so 咬紧牙关 继续漂流…


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