Mayday Nowhere Tour: Taichung Ticket Sales Postponed

I just received the news that the ticket sale on 13 July will be postponed to 20 July 2013 11 a.m. because of the impending typhoon. The ticket sales locations and procedures remain unchanged (Taiwan 7-ELEVEN ibon and ibon ticket information network

原定7/13(六) am11:00 五月天「诺亚方舟」演唱会-台中场售票延期一周,
售票时间更改为7/20(六)am11:00,售票地点不变(全台7-ELEVEN ibon及ibon票务资讯网

From news from Taiwan


TAIPEI: Taiwan evacuated more than 2,000 tourists on Thursday as the island braced for super-typhoon Soulik with authorities warning of fierce winds and torrential rains.

The typhoon, packing gusts of up to 227 kilometres (140 miles) per hour, was 960 kilometres east of the island’s southernmost tip as of 0300 GMT, Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said.

Soulik is moving west-northwest towards Taiwan at about 22 kilometres per hour and could narrowly skip or make landfall in the north of the island sometime between late Friday and Saturday morning, the bureau said.

“The public must heighten their vigilance as the typhoon will certainly bring strong winds and heavy rains,” a weather forecaster told AFP.

Authorities on Thursday evacuated 2,300 tourists from Green Island, off the southeastern city of Taitung, and issued a warning to ships sailing north and east off Taiwan to take special precaution.

The Hong Kong Observatory has classified Soulik as a “super typhoon” on its website, while Taiwan’s weather bureau listed it as a “strong typhoon”.

On the Chinese mainland, meteorological authorities maintained an orange alert — the second-highest level — for Soulik on Thursday, Beijing’s official Xinhua news agency reported.

After hitting or passing Taiwan on Saturday Soulik is expected to head towards the coastal provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian, bringing “extremely strong” winds, it cited the National Meteorological Center as saying.

In August 2009, Typhoon Morakot killed about 600 people in Taiwan, most of them buried in huge landslides in the south, in one of the worst natural disasters to lash the island in recent years.

The Soulik typhoon seems to be fierce. Even Google has expanded its Public Alerts system to include Taiwan and launched a dedicated crisis map for the island in preparation for its typhoon season.

I really hope that the damage caused by the typhoon will be minimal. Everyone please be safe! God bless! Typhoons are super prevalent in Okinawa too. Shudders.

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