Nowhere Asia Tour Finale: Taichung 2013



Finally! More information about Mayday’s Nowhere Tour Finale in Asia – Taichung. I think I mentioned previously that Mayday is ending the fantastic Nowhere Tour back in their homeland – Taiwan. It is interesting that they have decided to choose Taichung as the final destination in Asia. Mind-blowing 4 nights! So 13 July is the day to ‘snatch’ your tickets! 11 am – the auspicious hour! Unfortunately, I will not have access to internet/computer around that time. I really hope my fellow Mayday comrades will be lucky!

开卖时间:2013年7月13日 上午11:00 – IBON售票系统机台及网站同步景观开卖(未开放行动装置购票)
演出时间:2013年9月6日, 9/7, 9/14, 9/1519:30开唱


The stage width seems to extended. The runways are quite long too! The atmosphere will definitely be super high during all 4 nights! An outdoor rock concert in Taichung! What a once in a lifetime experience! I love how the categories are named. Mayday is always so creative! The most expensive red category is called 动次动次摇滚区! A cheeky reference to the catchy 动次动次动次动次 phrase in 伤心的人别听慢歌! I want to rock and 动次 till I die in this zone!!! There are also some new names which reflect the Mayday’s 倔強 attitude which most fans embrace: 我不关了(I don’t care) and 我不想了 (I don’t  think).  Most importantly, Mayday wants all their fans to be HAPPY so let’s rock with them in the 不想不快乐 (Don’t wish to be unhappy) zone!

If you want to secure the precious tickets, you must be fully prepared for the battle on Saturday. You must have determination, endurance and LUCK. Firstly, if you are in Taiwan, you will have to start queuing at any Ibon machines in the early morning and pray that the silly machine will not be jammed when it is your turn. You must complete all the steps successfully. The most important step is to print out the receipt and dash to the counter to pay for your tickets. Good luck to those in Taiwan! You can watch this rather idiot-proof, old video for instructions. I remembered how my fingers trembled non-stop when I tried to purchase the tickets for the Taipei tour in a random Family mart at Ximending.

Well, if you are not in Taiwan, then you are under the mercy of the Ibon website. Please immediately register an account at Then, quickly navigate the system and be familiar with it. Read the instructions here carefully. Each person can only buy 4 tickets each time. You can try to get ready a few computers/laptops and credit cards. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and fast. Usually, the website will hang from the beginning till when the tickets are sold out. With other disappointed Mayday fans, you will probably will curse the entire day while the pages just refuse to load.

Ultimately, I think it really depends on luck. So do more good deeds this week. Pray to your Buddha, Allah or God! Good luck everyone! 咱來借問眾神明 人生甘有成功時 – 请让我成功 我只求几张票!

So… hope to see you in Taichung?


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