Survival Guide to Mayday Nowhere Tour in Singapore

So Mayday is spending a few days in Singapore this week! I am sure many fans are starting to feel excited! Are you ready for the concert?

In order to fully enjoy the concert experience, let’s be prepared for the concert! Here are some important survival tips for the concert!

1. Concert Apparel

photo 2

Most Mayday fans will proudly wear their favorite concert t-shirt or the latest fashion from Stay Real. I felt rather warm during Jay Chou’s concert. The air-conditioning at indoor stadium is not very strong. So do wear comfortable clothes and shoes! Yes! Shoes for dancing and jumping!

2. Light stick


Please remember to collect your free light stick before the concert! Extracted from the Sistic website: Free Mayday official light stick with every ticket purchased, one light stick per ticket. Redeemable on 14 & 15 June 2013 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I think it is very generous of Mayday to pamper Singaporeans with free light sticks. This light stick is magical! Do not use any other light stick! And try to bring extra batteries.

3. Mayday Passport

photo 3

photo 4

If you are a lucky owner of this Mayday passport, please remember to bring your passport. I stupidly forgot to bring my passport for the 2012 concert. Hence, I had to stamp the ‘Merlion chop’ on my concert ticket instead. Watch out for the ‘stamp/chop’ booth before you enter the stadium.

4. Concert memorabilia


You may like to go to indoor stadium earlier to purchase the concert memorabilia. The store opens at 4 p.m. The range of concert paraphernalia is quite limited in Singapore. Some of the concert tees may be sold out by Saturday. Most of the Mayday concert tees are well-designed and comfortable. Unfortunately, the concert tee costs a whopping $40 each in Singapore. It is definitely much cheaper to buy them in Taiwan. It is interesting to note how most Mayday fans wear concert tees as compared to the Jay Chou fans. The new Jay Chou concert tees are not that attractive. I saw some fans wearing the previous concert, The Era, concert tees. Mr Jay should design more concert tees and sell them to his willing fans.

5. Transportation

Public transportation is the best way to commute to the concert venue. The circle line is very convenient. If you plan to drive, be prepared to be stuck in a massive jam when the concert ends. While there are ample parking lots, there are only a few exits.

6. Food

You should try not to eat at Kallang Leisure Park. By 6.30 p.m., there will be long queues at almost every restaurant (from Coffee Bean to fast food outlets) in the mall. If you want a snack, you can buy them from some snack stalls at indoor stadium.

So are you ready for the concert?

Yes! Mayday, we are ready! Let’s rock on!


7 responses to “Survival Guide to Mayday Nowhere Tour in Singapore

  • Time

    Hi, can I check where to collect the light stick? At the concert venue itself?

  • sn

    Do you know which hotel they wud be staying ?

    • maydayist

      Hi, you can collect from the concert venue on the day itself. Bring your redemption ticket sub and exchange for the light stick. Collection starts at 6.30 p.m. If you are watching the sat concert, you cannot collect the light stick on fri.

      North entrance patrons can collect the light stick after entry at the north foyer.

      Premiere east and east patrons can collect the light stick before entry. There will be redemption counters at the entrances. I hope my information is accurate!

    • maydayist

      I heard that it may be Marina Mandarin. Not very sure too. They stayed there previously.

  • Clarie C.

    OH MY GOD. I chanced upon this post too late. >:
    I’m a first timer to Mayday’s concert and I totally didn’t know that there’s a stamp booth. Hahaha.

    • maydayist

      Thanks! There is a ‘chop’ booth at every Nowhere concert. Even though the queues for the ‘chop’ are quite long, the activity is fun and memorable for the fans!

  • sn

    Did they really stayed at Marina Mandarin ? 🙂 How do you normally get these information ?

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