Mayday! 01/05/2013

So… Happy Mayday! Somehow I am very excited this May! It marks the start of a Mayday-fied month! I should be watching 3 Mayday concerts in the next 2 months! And of course, first of May is my beloved sister’s birthday.

My initial plan of starting this blog is to post analysis of Mayday songs. However, it is really exhausting to analyze the lyrics, edit the analysis, re-edit the analysis and finally post them. For instance, I spent many days (close to a week) to write the analysis for 仓颉. Perhaps I am a perfectionist as I keep editing the articles. Maybe I will be more disciplined and start posting more often. Meanwhile, today is such a lackdaiscal ‘Mayday’, so let me be self-indulgent and showcase my Mayday collection!

1) The ‘essential’ collection of any true Mayday Fan: Mayday Albums


2) The ‘extension’ collection: Mayday Concerts VCDs/DVDs, KTV and etc…


3) The ‘book’ collection: Various genres of books published by Mayday


4) The ‘magazine’ collection: Any magazines with Mayday or Ashin on the covers


4) The ‘concert’ paraphernalia: Anything, everything that is sold at the concert venues


T-shirts that scream unwavering ‘Mayday Devotion’


Escape with Mayday luggage tags, passport covers and etc…


Thirsty? Refresh yourself with Mayday’s ‘Holy Water’!



The Plastic Folders ‘Fetish’

IMG_0798  IMG_0817

The legendary ‘Mayday Monopoly’


Life is sweet with Mayday’s candies…

Well, there are still many strange items and of course the formidable ‘Stay Real’ collection which I shall not go into. It is rather scary to think about the net worth of these Mayday paraphernalia. To be a Mayday frantic, one must be willing to part with a substantial portion of his/her wealth.

I am sure there are more Mayday fans whose collections surpass mine! So which items do you own too? =)

Happy Mayday!

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