Nowhere Tour Hong Kong 2013

I apologise for my long absence. During my long hiatus, Mayday has unleashed a whole series of concerts. Firstly, they are going to Hong Kong in May! They LOVE HONG KONG! They made a promise to visit Hong Kong annually in MAY. Honestly, I am quite envious of the fellow Hong Kong comrades.

Anyway, they are going to have not 5 but 8 shows in Hong Kong!


The tickets were sold out within seconds, minutes and hours! It is quite impossible to get any tickets for the Hong Kong tour usually. The URBTIX website is notoriously well known for ‘hanging’. Nobody seems to be able to log in and purchase any tickets. Well, if you manage to get tickets, you probably fall into one of these categories:

1. Connections: Secret connections with BIN music, concert sponsors or the rich and famous…

2. The Queue: Live in Hong Kong, skip school/work and queue overnight (over days) for the tickets like these people…


3. Lucky: Blessed with luck stars and managed to get through the website or hotline…

Oh well, I deduce that the best (most desperate) way for overseas friends to get tickets for the Hong Kong concerts is to call the URBTIX hotline. Call Urbtix Ticket Hotline: (852) 2111 5999 (10:00 am – 8:00 pm daily)

Prepare your credit card and call!

Try again in 2015 when the next Mayday tour starts? Good luck!


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