Two Nights with Mayday in Singapore

Mayday is adding another night, 14 June, to their Nowhere Singapore Tour 2013 ! Looks like I will be spending two nights with my darlings!


The sales for 14 June tickets start on 19 February 2013, 9 a.m. Grab your tickets from the sistic website.


The concert ticket prices have been rising quite rapidly in the last few years. Just look at the expanded area for category 1 tickets. This year, they have added the rock zone. They probably want to pack as many people in the rock zone so that they can maximise profit. As much as I want to be near Mayday, I do not feel like squeezing with other Mayday comrades in the mosh pit. I wonder if they are going to ‘open’ the ‘backside’ seats. I really enjoyed the ‘backside view and experience’ during the Nowhere Tour Taiwan 2011. Since they are having a second night in Singapore now, I doubt they will release the ‘backside’ seats.

Last year, I had the PB tickets. It was quite fantastic as I was near the runway and I could admire my beloved Ashin upclose. This year, I could get good tickets for the Arena for 15 June. Well, I look forward to enjoying a different perspective of the concert. As for the 14 June concert, I am still contemplating… My Mayday fund is running low. But I do love to be close to them…

So are you going for two nights too? Rock on man!


7 responses to “Two Nights with Mayday in Singapore

  • dabdi

    So envious…
    I’d like to ask something. Don’t you think about translating Ashin’s blog entries? Merry translated some in her blog ‘onedayinmay’, but recently she is not active. With the help of my friend I could translate his entry about Osamu Tezuka, but I know it’s not easy to translate Ashin’s works. And it’s not easy to find something about Mayday in English. And even if I admire the potentials of google translate (sometimes the results are like surrelistic poems with humor), it would be good to read a human translation. 🙂

    • maydayist

      Ha I am lucky to be in East Asia as I can travel and ‘tour’ with them. Well, I have read the ‘onemayinmay’ blog and I really applaud her for her efforts in translating the songs and blog entries. I would love to translate his blog entries but I fear that I can’t capture the essence of his thoughts. Somehow English translations lack the intricacies of the Chinese prose. Why don’t you contact me via email/blog when you wish to read any translation? I would gladly help! 🙂

      • dabdi

        Translations always modify the original style and feeling of a text. We have to accept it. But it is interesting, that there are some pople in Hungary, who don’t really like Mayday’s music, or just a few songs, but they like Ashin’s lyrics. That’s why I keep on translating. I add my own thoughts to the lyrics in the translation, but I think (and hope), tha the original message is still there too. The most important is, what the people think, who read it. If someone reads my translation, and says, that he likes it, I think the translation is OK. There are huge cultural differences between Asia and Europe, so every word has a different meaning for us, but there are lot of similarities too. We share the same feelings like love, hate, passion, pain, happiness. And Ashin has great ideas I want to transmit, and that are global to understand. And there are even a lot of things that I don’t understand, or that I understand in another way. But it is good so.
        I don’t find your e-mail. Can you send it to me to ?

      • maydayist

        It is true that Mayday’s music appeal to so many people because of the universal themes explored through the song lyrics. From love, friendship to dreams, Mayday discusses so many issues which are close to our hearts. Mayday will definitely appreciate how you are trying to promote their music in Europe. Ok, I will drop your an email so we can contact each other easily 🙂

  • dabdi

    I’m not so sure if Mayday members really want to be promoted in Europe. I just hope that they don’t mind it, but I’m selfish and translation makes me happy. 😉

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