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Two Nights with Mayday in Singapore

Mayday is adding another night, 14 June, to their Nowhere Singapore Tour 2013 ! Looks like I will be spending two nights with my darlings!


The sales for 14 June tickets start on 19 February 2013, 9 a.m. Grab your tickets from the sistic website.


The concert ticket prices have been rising quite rapidly in the last few years. Just look at the expanded area for category 1 tickets. This year, they have added the rock zone. They probably want to pack as many people in the rock zone so that they can maximise profit. As much as I want to be near Mayday, I do not feel like squeezing with other Mayday comrades in the mosh pit. I wonder if they are going to ‘open’ the ‘backside’ seats. I really enjoyed the ‘backside view and experience’ during the Nowhere Tour Taiwan 2011. Since they are having a second night in Singapore now, I doubt they will release the ‘backside’ seats.

Last year, I had the PB tickets. It was quite fantastic as I was near the runway and I could admire my beloved Ashin upclose. This year, I could get good tickets for the Arena for 15 June. Well, I look forward to enjoying a different perspective of the concert. As for the 14 June concert, I am still contemplating… My Mayday fund is running low. But I do love to be close to them…

So are you going for two nights too? Rock on man!