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Start 2013 with Mayday

So 2013 is finally here! The Mayan people predicted wrongly. The world did not end. 2012 ended on a glorious note as Mayday performed 4 concerts on 21, 22, 30 and 31 December. They celebrated the end of 2012 and welcomed 2013 in Kaohsiung. On 31 December, they performed at Dream Mall –  “Wow高雄! 2013不思议港都跨年夜”- the biggest countdown party in Kaohsiung. Mayday sang for about 40-45 minutes. After that, they rushed to World Games Stadium and started their concert at around 9.45 p.m. 50,000 lucky fans spent their New Year Eve with Mayday. For those unfortunate souls who did not manage to get tickets to the New Year Eve’s countdown concert, there are some videos from the “Wow高雄! 2013不思议港都跨年夜” performance.

Wow高雄!2013不思议港都跨年夜:五月天 Part 1


Wow高雄!2013不思议港都跨年夜:五月天 Part 2

Wow高雄!2013不思议港都跨年夜:五月天 Part 3


The above video showed the lame “live” interaction between the countdown party at Dream Mall and Mayday’s concert. The lag time was a joke. The lousy hosts wasted the Mayday concert audience’s time by insulting Mayday with silly requests and redundant questions. David Tao looked like a shadow of his past and faded in Mayday’s overwhelming aura. With his witty remarks, Ashin was the most entertaining character in rather uneventful 10 minutes interaction.

So… May all Mayday fans have a wonderful 2013 after watching these videos! Huat ah!