Nowhere Tour Malaysia 2013


The Nowhere Tour is finally coming to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. As usual, most of the pop concerts are held in the Putra Indoor Stadium. The security at Malaysia is extremely strict. From the Mr Jay Chou’s The Era Concert 2012 experience, the security guards were extremely hyperactive. The concert-goer is banned from taking photograph and standing. My camera and battery were almost confiscated. What is the fun of sitting down on one’s butt throughout a rock concert? Despite the frustrating security measures, the Malaysian fans are a pretty hyperactive bunch. From enthusiastic cheers to loud karaoke sessions to stealing of roadside banners, the Malaysian fans are a great concert company. Moreover, the diverse variety of scrumptious food in Kuala Lumpur (Beef noodles!) is a great attraction that tempts one to embark on a weekend concert getaway.

Check out this link for more details about ticketing…

So who is going Kuala Lumpur next March?


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