Countdown to 2013 with Mayday


So it is December finally… Mayday will be performing on 4 days in the last month of 2012.


They really have a good marketing strategy for this Nowhere Tour in December. The 21 December concert is the so-called 末日狂欢 (Last day on Earth Mad Party or End of the World Party or Armageddon Celebration).  The 22 December concert is 明日重生 (Tomorrow’s Rebirth). The 31 December concert is the ultimate countdown “明日重生” when one will feel “reborn” in 2013.


As I predicted, they have to maximize profit and hold another concert on 30 December which can be called the “earn more $$$ before 2012 ends”.  Despite all the marketing gimmicks, every true Mayday fans will empty their wallets at the end of 2012 in order to attend this series of Nowhere concert in Kaohsiung.


As part of the shrewd marketing by Bin Music, the 无限创造DNA is moved from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Since many Mayday fans will embark on a pilgrimage to Kaohsiung for the December concerts, the best location to hold the 无限创造DNA exhibition is in Kaohsiung where the fans can spend time and money at the exhibition (when they are not splurging in the Stayreal stores). The exhibition will be from 20 Nov 2012 to 17 Feb 2013. The venue is at Pier-2 Art Center. I love this art center as it boasts many interesting galleries and fascinating installation art pieces.

Watch some of the behind-the-scenes of the DNA concert/exhibition here (there are five parts):

创造DNA(演唱会幕后之王)主脑公开展 – 五月天导览幕后花絮

Looking at this short clip, OMG… the exhibition looks pretty amazing with that huge Mayday banner (where all respectable Mayday fans will “camwhore”. 

So… who is lucky enough to go to Kaohsiung this December? Final Home – Taiwan 2012 Nowhere Tour!


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